Digitus USB 3.0 (M) to DVI (F) Graphics Adapter Cable

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The DIGITUS USB 3.0 to DVI adapter extends your desktop with an additional monitor, TV or projector via the USB interface. You can use up to 2 graphics adapters at the same time on the PC and add or remove a monitor without rebooting the system. In addition, this adapter supports up to 1920×1080, video streaming up to 1080p, and multiple playback modes such as main / extended display and mirroring.


60 Month Warranty


  • Full HD video resolution up to 1080p
  • USB bus powered, no power supply required
  • Extend your desktop (Dual Display); connect a monitor, TV or projector via the USB interface.
  • Corresponds to the USB 3.0 specifications
  • Supports multiple playback modes: main / extended display, mirroring
  • User-friendly applications: screen rotation, multi-screen management, screen recognition (EDID)
  • Up to 2 graphics adapters simultaneously usable for PC
  • Add or remove the monitor without rebooting the system
  • Supports Windows 10, 8, 7






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